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Why do I need an Immigration Counsel? What could go wrong?

Common potential problems with applications for temporary or permanent residence

  • Incomplete application
  • poor presentation, which results in
    • inadequate addressing of weaknesses and strengths
    • none or insufficient reference to applicable Immigration legislation, immigration policies, case law
    • none or ineffective submission letter
  • Inadmissibility (burden on social services, danger to the public , security grounds, abuse of immigration process or other policy reasons
  • Misrepresentation or mistakes in the initial stage of an application resulting in refusal at the end of the processing process


Specific potential problems with business category applications

  • Incomplete or conflicting documentation and/or information about applicant’s business
  • Incomplete and/or conflicting information in the financial statements
  • Missing documentation of net worth accumulation
  • Neglecting specific net worth and business requirements of the chosen category
  • Insufficient knowledge about relevant business and economic factors in Canada
  • Business plan, if applicable, is only a summary and not detailed enough and professional
  • False, incomplete, unprofessional analysis, interpretation and submission of applicant’s business and business plans for Canada

Any of the above problems could lead to an unnecessary refusal of the application, or return of the application, or at least substantial delays.