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Who We Are

Who We Are

We can be YOUR solution

Why do I need an immigration counsel? What could go wrong? Our philosophy is to provide outstanding Immigration service for our clients minimizing any potential negative impact on your application.



  • Azar Amirsalam, RCIC & Gerd Damitz, RCIC offer personalized consultation about Canadian Immigration addressing your goals, concerns or problems, such as inadmissibility and potential refusal, or refusals.<Verify status with ICCRC>
  • We select the most efficient and secure method to immigrate to Canada for our valued clients.
  • We give you a honest, straight-forward opinion. Potential problems with an application will be told to you upfront, not only after an agreement is signed and a payment was done! Solutions to your problems will usually take additional efforts on your side to comply, but it increase your chances considerably for reaching your ultimate goal
  • We are part of a Professional Referral network providing access to specialists for areas we do not cover, such as detention reviews or refugee claims
  • We prepare a perfected application. Therefore we avoid time delays due to additional requests by immigration officials.
  • The professionally prepared application is accompanied by a personalized submission, which is suited to your situation and based on the Immigration Act & Regulations, current case law, officer manuals, and CIC National Headquarter guidelines.
  • Our case management secures permanent monitoring, anticipation of actions by immigration officials, and precocious steps to protect you.
  • And if you are unfairly treated or wrongly refused we will go the extra step in trying to protect you and to preserve your dream to immigrate, work or study in Canada.

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  • We provide you with intensive personal coaching pinpointing problem zones, if an Immigration interview is required
  • We can provide help with housing after your approval by Immigration Canada. This includes finding you an apartment to rent, and residential or commercial property to buy based on your requirements.
  • We guide you with your Canadian residency and citizenship requirements
  • We will offer access to our regular Immigration news updates, which are circulated by Twitter, Facebook and blogs