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CETA’s Labour Mobility Provisions for EUROPEANS (WORK PERMIT!)

Jul 1, 2023 | Gerd Damitz | LEGAL | No Comments

CETA stands for Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, and aims to facilitate the mobility of labour between Canada and the EU in two key ways:

a) through the temporary entry and stay of natural persons for business purposes, and

b) through the mutual recognition of professional qualifications. CETA is expected to make it easier for European businesses to open up the North American market.

Temporary Entry for

  1. “Key Personnel”, which includes business visitors for investment purposes, investors and intra-corporate transferees;
  2. “Contractual Service Providers”;
  3. “Independent Professionals”;
  4. “Short-term Business Visitors”.

CETA’s temporary entry and stay provisions do not cover general labour or low-skilled jobs, permanent employment, citizenship, residency, or any visa requirements.

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