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Temporary Residence – Extending your stay in Canada


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When you arrive at the port of entry in Canada, a Canada Border Services Officer (BSO) will stamp your passport or travel document and record the date by which you must leave Canada. The BSO will also note any terms and conditions related to your visit. There may be times you wish to extend your visitor status or change the conditions of your visit.If you wish to extend your status date, you should apply before your status expires in order to do any of the following:

  • extend your visitor, student or work status
  • change the type of permit you hold (for example, from a student to a work permit)
  • change a condition of your permit (for example, if you are studying and you want to change schools, or if you are working and your want to change jobs)

If your visitor visa expires after you have submitted your application for an extension of your authorization to remain in Canada, you will be considered in status as a temporary resident (visitor) until a decision is made on the application. This is known as implied status.

Most visitors to Canada are not allowed to work or study in Canada without permission. You must apply for a work permit or a study permit before coming to Canada. If you are visiting Canada and you want to work or study, you must leave Canada and apply from your home country. However, in some cases, working or studying without a permit is allowed.

Extending your stay can be complex, and we strongly suggest

to book a consultation with us

for avoiding a mistake which might have you to leave Canada