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Business Development Bank of Canada is a financial institution wholly owned by the government of Canada. BDC plays a leadership role in delivering financial, investment and consulting services to Canadian small businesses, with a particular focus on the technology and export sectors of the economy.

Secure investments:
BDC debt obligations are secured by the Government of Canada. The payment of principal and any interest carries the full faith and credit of Canada and constitutes direct unconditional obligations of and by Canada. As such, BDC benefits from preferred credit ratings.

Purpose of the BDC:
BDC is a financial institution wholly owned by the Government of Canada. BDC plays a leadership role in delivering financial and consulting services to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses, with a particular focus on the technology and export sectors of the economy.

Differences to Other Financial Institutions

In brief: BDC offers both financing solutions (long term financing, venture capital, subordinate financing) and consulting services. BDC’s innovative term financing features fixed or floating rates and repayment schedules up to 20 years, tailored to your working capital needs. Project-based financing and a comprehensive approach to risk assessment allows BDC to help businesses whose financial needs exceed the parameters of traditional financing.


Possibilities include:

  • Working capital: to supplement an existing line of credit
  • Acquiring fixed assets
  • Marketing / Start-up Fees
  • Buying a franchise

How can BDC help?

  • Long-term financing
  • Consulting services to support your business goals
  • Start-up tools (Business plan, Entrepreneurial self-assessment)
  • Benefit from BDC’s extensive experience in helping innovative start-ups

Advantages of doing business with BDC: BDC’s start-up financing provides a total solution for small businesses. Depending on your situation, BDC may be able to offer:

  • Up to $150,000 in financing
  • Up to a 6 year repayment period
  • Progressive or seasonal repayment options tailored to your business’ cash flow
  • Possibility of deferred capital payment
  • Guaranteed term: financing cannot be recalled without due cause
  • Your choice of floating or fixed interest rates
  • Fast-track, no penalty repayment options up to 15% of remaining balance per year

Criteria for financing: BDC’s financing solutions can provide support to entrepreneurs who:

  • Are in the start-up or early growth phase (first 12 months of sales)
  • Can demonstrate realistic market and sales potential
  • Possess experience or expertise in their chosen field
  • Demonstrate key personal characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
  • Have assembled a competent management team
  • Have invested reasonable financial resources in the enterprise
  • Can provide personal and credit references

Specialized Solutions

Co-Vision: Start-up financing program:
Customized term financing up to $150,000 for new businesses demonstrating long-term viability. If requested, BDC can also provide personalized management support. Co-Vision cannot be used for starting a retail business.

Term financing: Flexible term financing for a variety of commercially viable projects, including expansion projects, plant overhauls, the purchase of existing businesses and the acquisition of fixed assets. In some cases, financing may be used to reconstitute working capital depleted by capital expenditures or to finance sales growth.

For further information and loan options, please visit the Business Development Canada website at: