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BAYVIEW VILLAGE is an upper-middle class neighbourhood in Toronto-North York. The area is bounded by Sheppard Avenue, Bayview Avenue, and the East Don River. The leafy neighbourhood consists mostly of well-heeled suburban houses, predominantly in the ranch bungalow style, built in the late 1950s and 1960s. Several of the street names recall that the area was a racehorse training stable and grounds before being developed.

There are four schools in the actual Bayview Village area, a public elementary, a public middle school, one private school and also a Catholic Elementary school. The center of Bayview Village is the already mentioned upscale shopping centre Bayview Village mall.

Most of the houses are original, unlike the area immediately to the west of Bayview Avenue, Willowdale, where significant numbers of houses have been demolished and larger in-fill housing built. However, along the subway corridor of the Sheppard line with the new subway stations, Bayview and Bessarion high rise developments such as New York Towers and the Arc lead to new landmarks due to their outstanding architectural style. Other projects, such as the St. Gabriel village built by Toronto’s famous luxury concept builder Shane Baghai complete the ongoing transformation into a vivid, upscale area.