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Immigration Related


Statutory Accident benefits

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Insurance claims
  • Work Safety Insurance Board
  • Slip and fall matters

Small Claims court until $ 25,000

  • Unpaid loans or contracts
  • Damages for negligent or
    deficient services
  • Property issues
  • Construction liens
  • Personal injuries

Landlord and Tenants matters

  • Resolve disputes between
    landlords and tenants
  • Condominium law

Business services

  • intellectual property: trademarks,
    patent, registration
  • Incorporation, registration

Immigration related

  • Pardon ( record suspension)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Immigration and refugee board
  • Immigration appeal Board

Traffic Tickets

  • Speeding tickets
  • Careless driving tickets
  • Racing or stunt driving
  • Red light tickets
  • Stop sign traffic tickets
  • Driving under suspension
  • Insurance violations

Immigration Related

What is a Record Suspension?
A Record Suspension
  • keeps your criminal record separate and apart from other criminal records;
  • is evidence that your conviction(s) should no longer reflect upon your character; and
  • reduces the risk of discrimination resulting from having a criminal record

Regardless of which term you use, ‘Pardon’ or ‘Record Suspension’, the effect is the same:  your criminal record is permanently sealed from the public record, essentially giving you a fresh start at living life as if you didn’t have a criminal record.

Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon)

Provides proof that a criminal record should no longer reflect upon a person’s character. It is a very important part of the rehabilitation process because it gives people a ‘clean slate’ (there are exceptions), facilitates integration into the community, and helps reduce the rate of recidivism (meaning, they are less likely to reoffend). The idea that it is available is a motivating factor for some to stop re-offending. It recognizes the fact   that people do rehabilitate.

Patent: Patents

A patent for an invention is the grant of an exclusive right to prevent others from doing what’s specified in the claims of the patent. Generally, the term of a new patent is 20 years from the date on which the application for the patent was filed in Canada.